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Protecting Your Income

Many people think they could rely on money from their employer, their family or the state if they couldn’t work because of long-term illness.

But recovering from an illness can take a long time.

How long would this money last?

Do you know how much sick pay your are entitled to from your employer?


Sick pay from your employer could help but it might only last a few weeks. The state may provide Statutory Sick Pay, Employment and Support Allowance, or Universal Credit, but is this enough?  The calculator below is designed to give you a rough idea of whether the support from the state would be adequate to cover your outgoings.

Check what you may be entitled to at


or go to


But is it enough?

Download copy of this calculator in .xls or .pdf format

The state may help a little...   ..but it won’t go far
What you could have coming in each week  What you’ll have going out each month
Employment and Support Allowance (assessment phase) from 1-13 weeks £             Mortgage £
Council Tax / Rates £
Gas / Oil / Electricity £
    Telephone / Broadband £
Employment and Support Allowance (main phase – work-related activity group) from week 14 
£                  Satellite TV £
Building & Contents Insurance £
    Food £
Employment and Support Allowance (main phase – support group) from week 14


Car / Travel Costs £
    Loan / Credit Card Payments £
Which one would you be entitled to?    Entertainment / Holidays £
    Gifts / Birthdays / Christmas £
Multiply by 4 for a monthly figure £ Total Outgoings £
    Shortfall £

What people typically insure

Value Item Cover
£200 Pet Pet Insurance
£2,000 Holiday Travel Insurance
£20,000 Car Motor Insurance
£200,000 House Buildings and Content Insurance
£2,000,000 YOU and your INCOME ???

Is your most valuable asset your number 1 priority?

What can I do to ensure I can maintain my standard of living if I should become ill or lose my job?

There are 2 main types of cover available:-

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

This is short-term cover which can be taken to cover Accident and Sickness or Unemployment or both. It is based on your mortgage and can be taken to protect your mortgage payments and other essential expenses. This provides cover for up to 2 years and you can normally cover up to 1.33 times your mortgage payment.

This Payment Protection Insurance is optional.  There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.  For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk .

The typical cost is £4.30 per £100 of monthly benefit for 12 months or £5.95 per £100 of monthly benefit for 24 months, based on someone aged 35 and with a 30 day waiting period.


Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection can provide a monthly income if you become ill with an illness that may not be ‘critical’ but is severe enough to stop you from going to work for a long time, for example, a bad back or stress. The working world has changed dramatically in recent years. One thing however remains constant and that is the fact that most of us need to work to pay the bills. Bills don’t stop arriving even if we’re sick. 

This cover can pay out until retirement or shorter periods of time, if required, perhaps until the end of your mortgage term, or while you have dependent children.


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