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If someone told you about a product that:

  • was FREE
  • could save you 40p in every £1
  • could save you months of legal wrangling
  • is easy to arrange

Would you be interested?

  • that product is a Trust

Putting your Life Assurance in Trust

  • When we arrange your Life Assurance, we will place your policies in Trust, FREE 
  • why not ask us for a free audit on your existing cover and check that it has been protected with a Trust 

You can use a trust to give some or all of the benefits of your protection plan to other people. This means that the benefits you give away would not be part of your estate if you die, and would not be subject to inheritance tax.  Inheritance tax is currently payable at 40% above the threshold. If you don’t put your plan in trust, any money it pays out is added to your estate.

If you put your plan in trust it allows your Life Assurance company to pay any claim you make, more quickly than they could if the plan was not put in trust. If you die without putting your plan in trust, your representatives may have to obtain Grant of Representation before they can deal with your plan. This process can take several months. Putting your plan in trust can avoid this delay.

Trusts are often used by families with young children, to ensure that any money is looked after for them, until they are able to take responsibility themselves.  It is also popular with unmarried couples, particularly where no will is in place, as it ensures they can each benefit from the proceeds of each others policies, which would not be the case under the laws of intestacy. 

When you are setting up a trust you have control over who will administer any money paid out from a claim (the trustees) and who will benefit from any money paid out (the beneficiaries). You can also make sure you receive any benefits that you want to keep yourself for example a payment following a Critical Illness claim.  

Our trusts are flexible, which means you have control over who will benefit from your cover and who will be responsible for making sure that happens.

We have different Trust Forms available and will be happy to review your protection and decide which one is best for your circumstances.

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