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Private Medical Insurance

If you can answer yes to the following questions then Private Medical Insurance might be for you.

Would you like fast access to private medical treatment?

Would you like to feel you were receiving the best care possible?

Would you like to choose where and when you can receive treatment?

Would you like a private en-suite room with TV, radio and special menu in most cases?

What you can cover

What you can cover

Hospital charges
Specialist fees
Diagnostic tests
NHS Cash Benefits - £100 per night
Home Nursing
Private Ambulance
Parent Accomodation when staying with a child covered by the policy
Surgical procedures performed on the teeth in a hospital
Emergency overseas cover
Specialist referred physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment
Psychiatric Treatment as an outpatient up to £1,000
GP Helpline
Stress Counselling Helpline
Out-patient treatment of an acute condition


Top reasons for having Private Medical Insurance

  • Children –do you want your child to be in the NHS queue
  • Avoid NHS waiting lists
  • Peace of mind
  • Choice of Hospitals
  • Privacy

More people than ever, now have concerns about NHS treatment and the lenthy waiting times to get an appointment . With a Private Medical Insurance Policy you can cover yourself, your partner and children, generally up to age 20.  Some providers only charge for the eldest child and the other children are covered free.


Do you spend money insuring your pet? Why not your family?


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